What exactly are we up to?

What if you deconstructed church?


What if church could be reimagined? What if you could be a midwife in that process? What if there was a place where all meant all? 

Imagine a place that made Jesus shout with joy! 

Imagine a church that centered on being relevant in the world. Where your queerness was celebrated. Where justice mattered. Where you could experiment and try new things for the sake of the Kin-dom of God. That took being an anti racist space seriously. Where people are learning to be real  in their brokenness and holiness. 


You're invited

We are starting from the very foundation, guided by the Holy Spirit. We dont even have a name yet. We just feel called to Downtown Vancouver to offer progressive church and theology. 

We would love to have you along for the ride. 

We are going to gather and break bread. Listen to the needs of the community. We will figure out who we are and our values are.  Start to curate community together. Then we will be the hands and feet of Christ, the best we can,  in a world that is starving for Grace. 


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A Church With No Name

Vancouver Waterfront, SE Columbia Way, Vancouver, Washington 98661, United States




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